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Breaking: Baahubali's story revealed?

AP Herald 2018-07-09 11:32:22

As the magnum opus Baahubali releases today across the world breaking all the Indian industry records, here's an interesting news that sprang up about the story! SS Rajamouli, the ambitious director, has affirmed that Baahubali is an inspiration from Mahabharatam and it is a tribute to the Indian Cinema.

However, a famous Telangana daily asserted that the movie's story is not a fiction but a real story of a Telangana's King. On the other hand Rajamouli never made a statement about the story instead said that it is an inspiration from Mahabharatam. 

According to the report in the Telangana daily, the story is all about the Telangana King in Bodhan region, Nizamabad district. It seems the King who ruled the South where Bodhan was capital, his name was Bahubali and his tall statue existed for many years there. Later, the tall statue got washed away as time passed. 

The history speaks about Baahubali

It seems Baahubali's statue is displayed in Nizamabad's musuem till date. The war between Bahubali's elder brother Bharathudu and Baahubali are still scripted in the Jainism books. Baahubali's father Vrushabanadhudu granted Baahubali to rule the South where Bodhan as the capital. Baahubali is said to be the step brother of Bharathudu. 

Bharathudu eyed on Baahubali's kingdom and wanted to grab the post. Meanwhile, the war sprang up between them. This is what the story is about says the source. 

Should wait and see whether it is true or not!