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'Serial molester' arrested for attacking 7 women in Dubai

Khaleej Times 2018-07-10 21:42:06

The Dubai Police arrested a "serial molester" after a receptionist filed a complaint against him, a court has heard. The Court of First Instance heard that the 22-year-old Pakistani administrator was accused of molesting the 22-year-old French receptionist in Downtown Dubai when she was on her way home.

The defendant pleaded guilty during the trial on Tuesday. According to a police sergeant, he admitted to molesting the receptionist and six other women who had filed similar complaints.

The defendant allegedly grabbed the receptionist by the neck and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He touched her inappropriately and attempted to drag her to an isolated area before she managed to escape.

"I fled and screamed for someone to help me. I stopped by a building and asked a group of bystanders to help me find the man," she told prosecutors.

According to court records, a sergeant told prosecutors that a special team of officers from the Dubai Police's special security programme called 'Deer Balak' (take care) was dispatched to investigate the case.

Police records showed six other women had made similar complaints.

Camera footages from the area revealed a man walking behind the receptionist. He was then seen walking back on the same road after the incident. "We extracted his image from the footage and distributed it to the police team in the area," said the sergeant.

In May, the suspect was spotted near a supermarket in the area.

After the receptionist was able to identify him in a police line three times, he was referred to the public prosecution. Officers also visited the defendant's home and were able to seize the clothes he was wearing at the time of the incident.

A ruling will be pronounced on July 29.

Sherouk Zakaria

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