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BJP charges Rahul Gandhi with dividing the country in garb of secularism

webindia123 2018-07-11 00:00:00

BJP spokesperson Shahnabaz Hussain on Wednesday accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of dividing the country in the name of religion and caste by pursuing the policy of pseudo- secularism. Mr Hussain in his interaction with newspersons said here that Congress president Mr Gandhi had the habit of showing his concern for Muslims whenever any election was in sight. He said that Supreme Court had banned religion and caste from election campaigns but Mr Gandhi would address Muslim intellectuals in a conference during the day by wearing mask of pseudo-secularism. In the same vein, he also asked Mr Gandhi to clarify whether intellectuals had any religion or caste.

BJP leader said according to media reports, Mr Gandhi would hold discussions with selected Muslim intellectuals and wondered whether it was a conference or it was planned to execute some plot.

BJP spokesperson said that Congress president should not attempt to divide the country in name of religion or caste. He said that a Minister from Congress quota in Karnataka had advocated for setting up of Sharia court in each district of the state. He said that Congress president Mr Gandhi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi should clarify their party`s position on the issue of Sharia court. Mr Hussain said former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had once claimed in a public function that minorities had the first right on the country`s entire resources. He said that no Congress leader had contradicted Dr Singh`s contention and in such a situation Mr Gandhi and his party should clarify what was their idea about the rights of the rest of the people. Mr Hussain said that Muslims were still backward when the Congress ruled the country for 60 years. He said that electricity had not reached weaver community during the Congress regime but it reached them during the four year rule of Narendra Modi government.

The condition of weavers would have been different had electricity reached their houses 60 years back. He said that BJP had taken a resolve not to allow division of the country in name of religion.


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