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5 Ayurvedic Remedies And get Instant Relief From Acidity

Android technology 2018-07-12 09:40:48

Have you been struggling with acidity problems for a long time? If so, today we have brought for you 10 such Ayurvedic home remedies that you can make at home and get relief from the root cause of acidity.

Ginger juice: A person suffering from acidity should definitely take ginger intake. Before eating the food, chew and chew with a small piece of ginger rock salt. Drink lemon and honey mixed with ginger juice. This will remove the intestinal irritation and the problems of acidity disappear. This will also lead to hunger.

Ashwagandha: If you do not feel hungry and have a burning sensation in your stomach, then take Ashwandha. This will look hungry. This will remove the irritation of the stomach and relieve the problem of acidity.

Honey: Drink honey mixed with carrot juice and drink it with acid. Drink lemon and honey mixed with ginger juice. Consumption of this gives immediate relief in acidity.

Fruit of banana: Banana is a fruit which is very beneficial in many types of stomach disorders. One of those diseases is also sickness acidity. Eat bananas everyday. Banana consumption provides instant relief in acidity.

Fennel: Fennel is considered to be very potent. After eating food, if fennel is consumed, it is digested well. It also removes stomach irritation.