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Check Out The Aamzing Facts of Fifa World Cup, Which Hardly Any Soccer Fan Knows

Naukri Nama 2018-07-12 13:10:45

The Fifa World Cup 2018 has now reached to its final destination with France and Croatia for face off to win the title. Unlike the regular articles of celebration, victory, defeat, this time we are here to share some amazing facts about World Cup, which hardly any soccer lover knows.

For football players it’s a tough part of the World Cup, where they are not allowed to have sex especially acrobatic sex during month-long tournament. The coaches and managers of the teams claim sex is a distraction and take it player’s energy.

Fifa World Cup is the world’s most widely viewed sports that entertain almost 50% of total population of the world. According to data, around 3.2 billion people all over the world i.e., 46% of world’s population watched the World Cup of 2010.

In 2010 during the South Africa World Cup, more than 7,50,000 liters of beer were sold in stadiums of  Africa that means 25,360,517 ounces or 3,170,064 beers. Data of other parts of the world is not mentioned in this data.

Seeking the records of all the hosting countries it has come out, the country that hosts World Cup registers a higher number of birth rates, around 10% of increase in the rate. The reason is of course, excitement and beer.

As per the data issued by Bloomberg Brazil, has hosted the most expensive World Cup till now. Which is more than 30 billion reals ($14.5 billion dollars).