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Venkatesh's Controversial Comments on Caste Feeling in NRIs

AP Herald 2018-07-12 14:43:00
Victory Venkatesh's Babu Bangaram is all set for a grand release tomorrow across the globe. Nayantara as usually gave a miss to the promotions of the film and Venkatesh himself is shouldering them. The actor is giving back to back interviews to all the media house and in one of the interviews, he made a controversial remarks about caste feeling.

The interviewer mentioned to the actor about how USA is becoming a major territory for Telugu films. "I lived in USA previously and also travel there every year. I can see the number of people increasing every year. Back in 80's, the number was very small but now USA is a mass  market. In some pockets of USA, the passion for Telugu cinema is frenzy and is more than here in India which is actually good for Telugu cinema business," Venkatesh said.

But then to everyone's surprise Venkatesh mentioned about the caste feeling existing there. " I keep telling them to see the world. I told a few people that they should go out with others and make full use of the land of opportunity. I told them not to stick to one group with caste feeling. I didn’t know about my caste till my first film was released as I grew up in Chennai and my father never told me about it. I saw some fan mail from some of the fans after my first film release, I came to know how caste is playing a big role in our society," the actor added.

But then he may have realized, it may become controversial and added something to soften the issue. "Caste has both good and bad things going for it. We have to respect it," he added. Overseas audience are excited about the film due to Venkatesh's popularity with family audience and Maruthi's success streak. Look if these comments will have any impact on them and the movie performance there.