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Power of Pawanism decoded!

AP Herald 2018-07-12 14:42:59

Many always wondered what Pawanism means. However fans of Pawan Kalyan are not bothered what it means and they are not bothered what others think about them. Even if others brand them as mad and insane they don't care them.

But what is Pawanism. Some say Pawanism is the feeling, thrill factor experienced by people when they hear or watch anything about Power Star Pawanism.

Analysts say the staunch and undaunted support to Pawan Kalyan over these ten years even when he faced string of flops and financial losses itself shows the power of Pawan Kalyan and that is what is defined as PAWANISM.

Now fans who are coming with a film on Pawan Mania and Pawanism titling it as PAWANISM shows the mindset of fans even when their hero's film Attarintiki Daaredi is stalled.

Some are defining PAWANISIM as

P-People's A-Actor W-With A-Amazing N-Nature  K-King of A-Andhra L- Loves Y-Youth A-And N-Never fails.